All in Leadership Journey

To make any sort of meaningful progress, whether in the workplace or your personal life, you can’t be afraid to make bold changes. Being a cheerleader for change often brings conflict, resistance and uncertainty, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back. It is usually only when we take risks and lean into the unknown that brave, meaningful change happens.

Leadership Journey: Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee’s story is a testament to human strength and the incredible power of peace and sisterhood. Despite the violence and war caused primarily by men, women like Gbowee and her fellow female activists have shown the world how steadfast and courageous they can be in building peace in the most violent of places.

Leadership Journey: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a strange place: a mixture of small cities and suburbia that has had a vast influence on our world today. The intensity of talent in such a small area, combined with access to investment funds, as well as an unusually high tolerance of failure and unusual personalities, has seen this tiny part of the world birth a disproportionate number of the technologies on which billions of us rely every day.

Leadership Journey: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the world’s greatest athletes. He was primed to succeed at a young age by his parents, a factor that also contributed to the turbulent, scandalous behavior in his later years. He has proven his unshakeable determination to succeed no matter how dire the situation, and is now making a comeback to professional golf while dedicating himself to his children.

Part of the political genius of Abraham Lincoln was how he chose the members of his cabinet. He knew he could make the best decisions for the country by surrounding himself with his political rivals, i.e., people who disagreed with him and each other, but who represented the best minds to explore all sides of an issue

Leadership Journey: Chimamanda Adichie

Feminists are not bra-burning man haters who want to take over the world. They are women and men who are concerned about the severe inequality that persists between males and females in modern societies. If we are going to create a just society for all, we need feminism now more than ever.

Leadership Journey: Apollo 8 mission

The United States found itself lagging behind in the Space Race almost from the start. So they formulated a plan to launch Apollo 8 quickly. This risky mission would involve orbiting the moon and returning the astronauts safely to Earth. The extraordinary commitment of all involved not only made it possible; it turned the mission into an astounding success with broad cultural ramifications.

Leadership Journey: Morgan Jerkins

Black women in America are dehumanized, fetishized and even ignored by feminists. To overcome these struggles, they need to empower one another, and white feminists must be more inclusive and sensitive to the polarizing effects of cultural appropriation.

President Obama attempted to advance ideals – ideals of universal rights, the benefits of strong, democratic institutions, and of openness and respect. He wasn’t always successful in doing so and regularly had to deal with the hard realities of our imperfect world, for example when trying to intervene in the war in Syria or fight Russian disinformation.

Leadership Journey: Katharine Graham

Katharine Graham was born to be a newspaperwoman. Her father owned the Washington Post and her husband would later become an influential publisher at the same paper – but nothing was handed to her on a silver platter. In a deeply sexist age when many believed a woman’s place was in the home, Graham had to battle prejudice all her life. After taking over the reins at the Post, her unique leadership style, skills and insight made her one of the most successful publishers in the United States. Her time at the paper was crowned by its most important scoop: uncovering the Watergate scandal.

Isaac Newton is one of the most influential people who ever lived. By relying on mathematical proof, he forever changed the way we test observations and deduce the workings of the world. Part of Newton’s influence is attributable to the fact that he lived during the Enlightenment, a time in history when much of the world was leaving behind superstition and belief in magic. His math-based methodology, as well as the scale of his fundamental discoveries, set the standard for scientific inquiry for generations to come.

Germany’s history, though somewhat overshadowed by the grim events of recent history, is rich and fascinating. Before fascism and communism, not to mention the disturbing events of World War I, Germany was a federation of countries united by a common language that had been standardized by the great religious reformer Martin Luther. Beer, the favorite national drink, brought Germanic peoples even closer together. Furthermore, Germans controlled one of the largest international-trade networks of medieval times, and their homeland gave birth to both gothic architecture and mechanical clocks.

After the American Revolution, the young nation undertook an experiment in government: a constitutional democracy overseen by a president. This new system relied on a separation of powers within the government. Over the years, the office has evolved, but it nonetheless remains anchored by Congress. Thanks to the solid framework provided by the US Constitution, it’s safe to say the role of the American president, despite the flux of world politics, will remain stable

Institutionalized racism is alive and kicking in the United States. From her own family’s experiences, Patrisse Khan-Cullors learned that African Americans continue to be the target of indiscriminate imprisonment and police brutality. In response to this systemic racism, Khan-Cullors co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement, to demand justice for all American citizens.

The path to success isn’t necessarily straight and narrow. Instead of setting goals, you should use systems, take chances and explore many different options. This will give you the opportunity to learn from your failures and develop a broad range of skills. Once you figure out what your special skills are, manage your energy levels with a healthy diet and exercise, and surround yourself with creative, supportive people who inspire you.

Leadership Journey: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Few men have shown as much determination in their lives as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Born into a humble Austrian family and molded by an often brutal father, Schwarzenegger showed true grit to achieve success as a bodybuilder. Pursuing his childhood dream and crossing the Atlantic to live in America, he became one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars before winning the governorship of California.