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 Team building and teamwork are personal. They’re about a group of human beings, all with their own quirks of personality, their own superpowers and weaknesses, coming together to do something amazing. Have some faith that you’ve done the work, or that you’re prepared to do the work, of opening yourself and your heart to building relationships that are deep, sturdy as hell, and immensely satisfying to your heart and your head.

The best leaders change and adapt. They leadershift – that is, they make leadership changes that boost both their own and their organization’s growth. They focus not just on directing but on connecting with their teams, and they pursue not just short-term goals and career moves, but deep personal growth, moral authority and their true calling in life.

How To Build A Front-Line Focused Organization

The mantra “people are our most important asset” is commonplace today in business circles. You can find it in so many annual reports and press releases that it has lost all of its original meaning. Here are a few ways to build a front-line focus organization

What Is Perceptual Acuity?

Perceptual acuity is your human radar for seeing through the fog of uncertainty so you can act before others do. Only a small percentage of upcoming leaders look at their businesses from the outside in and peer over the horizon to pick up signals that could be harbingers of change

How To Develop Good Solutions That Lead To Stellar Results

The average employee today has succeeded by embracing change. But most people do resist bad change, and in business there is a lot of bad change. Good change does not meet resistance. What you need is a carefully designed process that engages the talent you have. Here are a few ways to develop good solutions that lead to good change

How To Become An Effective Strategist.

What separates winning strategies from losing ones? Ultimately, both set out to achieve the same goals, and yet their outcomes are vastly different. As it turns out, part of this difference lies in what we actually consider to be a strategy; in other words, losing strategies may not even be strategies at all!

Qualities Of Great Teams

Great Teams are driven to create a culture of greatness. Trendy offenses, tricky defenses or “hot products” often get the credit for success, but the truly amazing organizations don’t stay at the top of their marketplaces without building a team-first culture.

A tiny change in your behavior will not transform your life overnight. But turn that behavior into a habit that you perform every day and it absolutely can lead to big changes. Changing your life is not about making big breakthroughs or revolutionizing your entire life. Rather, it’s about building a positive system of habits that, when combined, deliver remarkable results.  

Answers to 25 Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night

All change projects require you to move people from how they currently think and act to new ways of thinking and acting. The underlying rationale for change must be that it will lead to better performance, but this starting point is rarely enough for people to make them change. They are usually set in their ways and need to be constantly motivated and supported in order to take on new ways of working.