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The concept of “free time” is deeply misleading. In fact, all of our time – even when we’re at work – is free; what really matters is how we use it. That’s where the art of time management comes in. Once you learn to maximize your efficiency, stop procrastinating and set manageable priorities, you can start using your time as efficiently as possible, getting the most out of both your working day and your time away from the office.

Characteristics of Creative Thinkers

More than what you get done, more than the role you play, more than your title, more than your ‘output’—it’s your ideas that matter. Despite the importance of a person’s ability to think with creativity, few people seem to possess the skill in abundance.

In a world of uncertainty, logical thinking is not enough to ensure that your decisions actually represent your best interest. Instead, you should make an attempt to recognize your ignorance and find good, simple rules of thumb in order to make sound decisions in spite of complex circumstances.

 Team building and teamwork are personal. They’re about a group of human beings, all with their own quirks of personality, their own superpowers and weaknesses, coming together to do something amazing. Have some faith that you’ve done the work, or that you’re prepared to do the work, of opening yourself and your heart to building relationships that are deep, sturdy as hell, and immensely satisfying to your heart and your head.

The best leaders change and adapt. They leadershift – that is, they make leadership changes that boost both their own and their organization’s growth. They focus not just on directing but on connecting with their teams, and they pursue not just short-term goals and career moves, but deep personal growth, moral authority and their true calling in life.

How To Build A Front-Line Focused Organization

The mantra “people are our most important asset” is commonplace today in business circles. You can find it in so many annual reports and press releases that it has lost all of its original meaning. Here are a few ways to build a front-line focus organization