Never Give Up!

If you choose to never give up, you have a much better chance to succeed. You may still have to make corrections in your course, but as long as you refuse to give up, your goals will be within reach.

Virtually everyone will experience a failure or setback at some point. According to our research, high achievers typically experience at least three to four major failures and seven major successes in their careers. We can learn great lessons from our own failures and from the failures of others.

There are three steps to bolster your determination and inspire you to keep striving to achieve your dreams and goals, no matter what opposition, challenges or failures you experience:

1. Defeat the enemy within through hard work and action. If you learn self-control to such an extent that you can adjust your attitude on the run, you will never be defeated by self-doubt, which is the enemy within.

2. See the value of failure. Your failures do not define your life unless you allow that to happen. When a challenge arises, be aware of the words that instinctively come to mind. The thoughts we entertain define our mindset toward failure. If negative, self-accusing, angry thoughts are instinctive to you, then your mindset will be to see failure as worthless. If you choose to entertain positive, self-motivating and inspiring thoughts, then you’re more likely to see failure in a positive light.

3. Hold on to a purpose that inspires you. We don’t ask for adversity or challenges. They often come when we least expect them. Think now about finding a purpose if you should experience a great tragedy. Think about what drives you, and tap into it before challenges arise. Use whatever inspires you as a life vest when storms hit. Cling to your most inspiring visions as sources of strength and determination. The moment you think about giving up, recall what has brought you this far, and resolve to continue on toward your dreams and goals.

Finally, remember that never give up is a guiding constant for successful people, relationships and organizations. It makes all the difference between those who falter and those who finish. 

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