How to Maximize Your Future Potential

How to Maximize Your Future Potential

The following are five tactics for improving your future potential

 Get Reflective. How do you compare to people applying for similar jobs to your own right now? Would you be the top candidate if you were interviewing for your job?if you don't know, do a self assessment to find out.

Get beyond the Baseline. What are you doing with the opportunities you have?if you are offered extra training by your company, consider it part of your education. Show willingness and really put that opportunity to use. Before any course ,set yourself a goal for what you intend to take away from it - the way you intend to change your behaviour . Seek out your own opportunities. to truly get ahead of the curve , you must get zealous about learning and growth

 Get challenged. Your future potential depends on your learning agility and your passion for your own evolution. When was the last time you learned a new skill? Subscribed to a journal that was not required reading ? Tried something new that you could fail at without fear? Get interested and evolve both inside and outside the workshop.

Get Connected. Sometimes it's necessary to go through a few months of adjustment and growing pains just to say current. New technology in particular gets integrated without much discussion these days. You have a choice to lean forward into it and bond with your colleagues over a shared challenge , or resist. Resistance takes longer . It holds you back in your career and can make you less employable on a skills level and in terms of your attitude.

Get Multi-generational. At this point in time, three generations coexist in the workplace , and each has its strengths and weakness. Get clear on what your your generations brings to the table and what you need to learn from the other two.Those of you nearing retirement have experience to offer. Pass on your trade secrets, the knowledge and unique skills you have perfected over the years . Stop judging the younger generations, and teach them instead. My advice to those of you mid-career is to bridge builders .You raised the younger generation, and you were raised by the older generation. you have great translation skills to offer, so step up and adapt. Don't be afraid to give feedback to both generations. Adopt the new members of the workforce. Let them teach you, in particular when it comes to technology. This generation will remind you that work include play.

Learn to say “No”: It’s one thing to be distracted when you’re trying to focus; it’s another to be hijacked before you can even get to. The way to protect what you’ve said yes to and stay productive is to say no to anyone that could derail you. So here’s a simple rule: A request must be connected to your most important work for you to consider it.

Embrace the chaos: Messes are inevitable when you focus on just one thing. While you whittle away on your most important work, the world doesn’t sit and wait. It’s important for you to accept this instead of fighting it.

Have good health habits: Personal energy mismanagement is a silent thief of productivity. It’s key to exercise, make some time for meditation, and be sure to get eight hours of sleep. Don’t sacrifice your health by trying to take on too much.

Create an environment that support your goals: Your environment is simply who you see and what you experience every day. The right people in your life and the right physical environment on your daily path will support your efforts to get to your most important work.


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