It’s not enough just to recruit good team members. A leader must understand how those people best fit on the team and put them there. To do that, he must have a clear picture of each person’s strengths and weakness and understand how they fit the needs of the team.

If you want to make an impact on your world, you must help others to become better leaders.
Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of leadership is seeing people with hope believe in themselves, develop themselves, and blossom into effective leaders. If you desire to help your people do that, proceed in this way

To increase your mental strength and get more out of life, you should: Refrain from feeling sorry for yourself, Never give your power away to others, Embrace change, Avoid fretting about things you can’t control, Stop worrying about pleasing everyone, Never be afraid of taking risks, but be clever about which risks you take, Resist the urge to dwell on the past, Make sure to never make the same mistake twice, Never be resentful of other people’s success, Keep at it and never give up after an initial failure, Face your fears of being alone and overcome them, Be on your guard for feelings of entitlement and Never expect immediate results and be patient.

How Does The World See You?

You want your messages to connect, or to educate, or to inform or to inspire. No matter what your message is about, each one of your messages has an intended purpose. Each time you communicate, you want people to listen and remember that message, and to positively anticipate your future messages. You want them to take action, change a behavior or be inspired.

The typical millionaire isn’t all Hollywood glitz and glamour. Many live well below their means, saving and budgeting money diligently and spending it intelligently. If you consistently adhere to these simple standards, you too could become a millionaire.

To fail forward, you have to distance yourself from emotions. You’re only human—you will feel emotions first—but you need to react strategically, not emotionally. Feel your emotions, move beyond them, and start using logic instead of feeling.

Why do some projects deliver under budget and ahead of schedule, while others cost more and take longer than expected? More important, which products work better: the quick and thrifty or the slow and expensive? In a story-filled blend of quirky pop culture and practical engineering insight, Dan Ward’s F.I.R.E. answers those questions and more.

For most people, financial security is little more than a comforting illusion. However, you can turn your financial situation around by following seven “baby steps” that put you on the path to a debt-free and financially successful life.

We’ve all been there: we see someone at a party or meeting, someone we’ve met at least two or three times before and even talked to for a few minutes. But the thing is, our memory betrays us, and we simply cannot remember her name.

How To Build and Maintain Trust

Trust is something that the highly successful leader constructs over time and then nurtures over the course of any relationship, whether it is with a family member, a coworker, an employer or the community