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If you want to stop worrying about money and build yourself the financial future of your dreams, you should do one simple thing: pay yourself first! And whether it’s creating a retirement plan, setting aside some emergency money or paying off your debt, the most important thing is to do it automatically. This way you can benefit from compound interest, and, as the years go by, you can sit back, relax and accumulate millions.


Total integrity is the first lever of primary greatness. People who have lost integrity live and work in a world of seeming to be something they are not. Living a false life is a heavy burden on your conscience and on the people who rely on you

Leadership Journey : Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was perhaps the greatest inventive mind America has ever known. Certainly, when it comes to the field of electricity, few have surpassed his boundless imagination. Even in the face of hardships that would defeat most other people, his creativity never waned.

Women face more obstacles than men in the workplace, and overcoming these obstacles isn’t as easy as just doing a better job. Rather, women need to be politically savvy by understanding workplace dynamics, and identifying the people who can help and support them in reaching their career goals.

Money helps you build the life you really want to have, now and in the future. That doesn’t mean you have to obsess about it or build your life around it. But it does mean that you should make sure you understand how to manage money, make it work for you and ensure that your financial situation supports rather than prevents you from achieving your dreams.

Leadership Journey : Nelson Mandela

If asked to name the greatest icon of recent times, who would we pick? It’s a fair bet that many would choose Nelson Mandela. A man who suffered at the hands of an extremely unjust society, he refused to break, and instead kept fighting, kept pushing for justice and, after decades of punishment, won.

So many of us set unrealistic goals for ourselves – goals we have no hope of ever achieving. Instead, take a look at what realistic changes would make a difference in your life. Once you have a realistic goal, break it into manageable tasks and make a small amount of progress every day toward making it happen. Getting your shit together doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to be consistent.

How To Avoid The Yes Trap

In sales it is easy to fall into the Yes Trap. If you serve customers you are granting requests. This translates into taking on many tasks in order to gain rapport and close sales. This kind of mind-set forces you to become an “ideal worker” who becomes a hostage to his or her job

Time Management Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Mornings.

Proper time management won’t just make your mornings less hectic and keep your stress levels down, it’ll also boost your productivity in the office and help you get the most out of your weekends. The key is learning how to keep track of time. Once you know where all that time goes, you can start making plans to use your hours more efficiently. And that’s great for your career and your personal life!

Success is all about attitude. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of positive thinking, but there’s more to it than that. Leading a happy, fulfilled life is about learning to think collaboratively and unselfishly. It’s about asking what you can do for and with others rather than simply trying to get ahead yourself. That means opening your mind to creativity and avoiding following the crowd. Once you start doing that, you’ll be mentally prepared for success.

The Problem-Solving Session produces transformative outcomes because it’s an innovation-driven process; we don’t try to cognitively hammer out solutions. Instead, we create an environment that entices the solution to reveal itself. This process upgrades the ability of a group to solve problems utilizing a unique blend of cognitive and creative skills.

Do You Know What it takes to be a CEO?

CEOs aren’t superhuman. In fact, they’re just regular people who’ve developed certain skills that allow them to climb ranks in the workplace. Being decisive, consistent, committed and reliable are all fundamental traits of a CEO. Having a well-planned system in place is also important, as is understanding stakeholders and being able to adapt to the future.