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TED Tuesday

On TED Tuesday, we will share videos that will inspire you to be a better leader. Learn from thought leaders on subjects of leadership and success. This week, we will share videos on the shared prosperity, defining your fears and public speaking. Hope these videos make your day

Leadership Journey : Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger is a highly successful investor, but not because he’s tapped into some mysterious type of investing magic. By following his guidelines of continuous learning, simplicity, patience, courage and worldly wisdom, you too can boost your success in investing.

Leadership Journey : John Wood

Most people go on vacation and come back with a clear mind and rejuvenated spirits. But John Wood, a former Microsoft executive, came back from Nepal completely changed: his worldview had been challenged and he now had a strong desire to change his career completely.

Leadership Journey: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is one of those guys who moved to Dallas, Texas for the sunshine and the women. But he is also one of those extraordinary characters who took a little and turned it into a lot. Specifically, he is the founder of MicroSolutions and, which he turned into multi-million dollar businesses, and also happens to be the owner of an NBA basketball team. Want to know how he did it?

Lessons On Creativity, Success And Failure From The Founder Of Twitter.

When you’re developing an idea, it’s OK to face limitations, as these are often a springboard for creativity. At the same time, you should be prepared to take big risks and learn how to handle inevitable failures. Once you’ve realized your idea and created your product, continue perfecting it by being open to other people’s criticism and establishing win-win deals with partners, employees and users

Leadership Journey : Facebook

Through timing, effective networking and nimble business positioning, the social networking site Facebook has become an astonishing success story. The site connects friends and strangers from across the globe, facilitating activism and changing the face of media. Facebook too has changed how we talk to each other and radically altered what we see as private or public.