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Happiness  guides you toward a state of true happiness. Many people today falsely believe that happiness comes from ephemeral things like money or fame, but truly long-lasting and profound happiness stems from maintaining a higher sense of well-being. And this book will help you do exactly that.

In Happiness: A History , we’re taken on a journey through history. From Ancient Greece, through the Dark Ages and up into the modern era, this journey uncovers how our conception of happiness has changed and evolved over time.

Drawing from his own behavioral research and economist experience, Happiness by design explains how happiness arises and how we experience it in our everyday lives. The book exposes some of the traps we fall into when trying to be happier and demonstrates some simple tools for adapting your environment to feel happier without having to radically change who you are and what you think.

In Happiness: lessons from a new science, economist Richard Layard examines what it is that makes us happy and how anyone can achieve greater happiness. Basing his studies on insights from such diverse fields as psychology, philosophy and neuroscience, Layard presents compelling arguments that are great food for thought, encouraging readers to question their daily habits and practices.

The Happiness Equation unlocks nine essential secrets to living a happy life. These are guidelines that can help anyone reap the rewards that come with having a positive outlook on life. Happiness isn’t just about reducing stress and anxiety; it’s about paving the way to great work and success.

Happiness: A History
CDN$ 19.91
By Darrin M. McMahon
Leadership Journey : Charlie Munger

Leadership Journey : Charlie Munger

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