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Here are some books we recommend

The Art of Negotiation offers a radical approach not found in most books on negotiation: no two negotiations are the same, and thus there is no silver-bullet strategy to negotiation. Rather, it offers insights on how to develop the skills to succeed in dynamic and unpredictable negotiations.

You Can Negotiate Anything shows that negotiations occur in every walk of life and that it is vital to have the skills and understanding to deal with those situations. The book outlines the key factors affecting negotiation success, as well as ways of negotiating for win-win solutions.

Getting to Yes is considered the reference for successful negotiations. It presents proven tools and techniques that can help you to resolve any conflict and find win-win solutions.

Winners is your guide to winning in all aspects of life. This book explains what makes a winner – the things that enable people to defy the odds and succeed, no matter what – as shown through real-life stories of winners at the top of the world in politics, sports and business.

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
CDN$ 16.32
By Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton
Winners: And How They Succeed
By Alastair Campbell
Leadership Journey: Mark Cuban

Leadership Journey: Mark Cuban

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