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Through a broad range of anecdotes and stories, The Rise illustrates how some of humanity’s greatest achievements arose out of what initially appeared to be failure. The author shows how setbacks are an inevitable – and in fact, necessary – part of anyone’s journey to mastery.

Long-Term Thinking for a Short-Sighted World reveals the root of many of the world’s problems: our own short-sightedness. From climate change to rampant consumerism and oil depletion, find out how many of the challenges we face today are the result of our inability or unwillingness to see the big picture. This book will set you on the path to thinking about the long-term consequences of the actions we take.

In The Gift of Failure , Lahey offers compelling reasons for caregivers to relinquish control over their children and let them fail. By taking this approach, Lahey argues, it will give children an important opportunity to learn about their values and skills, while strengthening their confidence, autonomy and sense of responsibility.

Success and Luck reveals the role of luck in the lives of the most famous achievers in sports, business and the arts. This book explains how most of us are blind to the impact of luck on a person’s success, and also reveal how this ignorance may result in public services being devalued.


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