How To Develop Great Leaders

If you want to make an impact on your world, you must help others to become better leaders.
Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of leadership is seeing people with hope believe in themselves, develop themselves, and blossom into effective leaders. If you desire to help your people do that, proceed in this way:

Find evidence that they want to grow: People worthy of your time and attention have a learning attitude. They’re open to instruction and hungry to grow. They may not yet be convinced that they can reach what you recognize as their potential, but they have the desire. And they are already making an effort to grow.

Identify their strengths: The people you lead may not know what they’re good at. As a leader you need to help people figure out where they have potential and should grow.

Give them a place to practice. Training is good. Mentoring is fantastic. Development is incredible. But if you don’t give emerging leaders a place to practice, their knowledge will never become practical experience.

Coach them to improvement. People always learn more from their failures than they do from their successes. Walk alongside them to give them security and to help them through the most difficult problems. Share with them where they made mistakes and how they can overcome
them. Tell them what to work on. And encourage them to keep trying.

Keep increasing their responsibilities. Allow your leaders to benefit from your experience until they are capable of doing your job. That takes security on your part. But if you do that, when it comes time for you to move up to greater responsibility or move on to a new challenge, you will have people who can step in and take your place.

There’s only one way to lead leaders. Become a better leader yourself. Good leaders do not follow poor ones. People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves. So if you want to be a leader of leaders, you will need to earn the right. You will need to achieve success first. You’ll need to keep raising your leadership capacity. You’ll need to make growth a major goal and dedicate yourself to it. And you’ll also have to keep your ego in check. If you have a compulsive need to be the alpha dog, the other top dogs won’t want to work with you.No leader can know everything, be an expert in everything or do everything. It takes a team to be successful. 

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